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10 Easy Ways to Prevent Skin Problems This Monsoon
June 27, 2017
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Can we ask for anything more than rain-drenched landscapes of monsoons after the scorching heat of summers?

While monsoon brings with it a sense of relief and cozy evenings with loved ones, it also brings along a barrage of health problems that can leave one uncomfortable. Although we take medication and rest when it comes to cough and colds, we tend to ignore skin related problems. Excess humidity in monsoon leads to fungal skin infections of the skin such as ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, etc., that can be very annoying.

Best Ways to Prevent a Fungal Skin Infection During Monsoon

There is no sure way of protecting the skin from all the infections during monsoon, but you can certainly reduce the chance of getting an infection by:

  1. Not overdressing. Loose fitting, light cotton and clean clothes are the best for this season.
  2. Wearing shoes that are not tight and allow the feet to breathe.
  3. If you step into a puddle, make sure you remove your shoes and socks and dry out feet completely to avoid dampness which provides a suitable environment for the fungus to grow.
  4. Trying to avoid direct contact with people suffering from skin infections.
  5. Keeping nails, both of the hands and feet, trimmed to prevent scratching and spreading the infection.
  6. Staying clean at all times to prevent the build-up of sweat, dirt and grime on the skin. Take regular baths or wipe yourself clean with a damp cloth.
  7. Ensuring that your skin is thoroughly dry after a bath, especially in the areas where the skin folds.
  8. Keeping your surroundings hygienic and insect-free.
  9. Take a bath in case you get wet in the rain to clean yourself and avoid the growth of fungus due to moisture in skin folds.
  10. Wearing a shower sandal at all times when around bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms, carpets, public bathing areas, etc.

Most of fungal skin infections are not life-threatening, but avoiding the treatment can up the risk and make you very uncomfortable. Apply Ring-Out for relief from these skin infections like ringworm. Don’t let the infection come in way of your enjoyment and spending time with loved ones during this rainy season.

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  1. Thanks for your helpful blog on how to avoid fungal infection. Many are posting causes and how to remove it but no one has mentioned what precautions must be taken. Thanks again.

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