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10 Food Items That You Must Eat For A Stronger Immune System

August 11, 2017
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The immune system of our body protect us against all type of infection including fungi that cause fungal skin infection in the body like ringworm, jock itch, etc.
One good way to strengthen the immune system is through a proper diet. What we eat forms the foundation of our health, and including certain food items can support the immune system do its work in a better way, and keep fungal infections of the skin away.


Almonds are loaded with immunity-strengthening vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that requires the presence of fat to be absorbed properly. The nut also has healthy fats, thus topping the list of healthy food.


A great salad ingredient, broccoli is packed with not only vitamins A, C, and E, but many other antioxidants and fiber too.

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is known to increase the production of white blood cells, which are the key to fighting infections. Sadly, our body doesn’t produce or store it. But, nature has ensured we get plenty of vitamin C for continued health from citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, oranges, sweet lime, tangerine, etc.


Recognized by even Ayurveda for its value in fighting infections, garlic has strong  immune-boosting properties that come from a heavy concentration of sulphur-containing compounds.

Green tea

Full of antioxidants that enhance the immune function, green tea is also a good source of the amino acid L-theanine which aids in the production of germ-fighting compounds.


High in vitamin B6, poultry products are also vital to the formation of new and healthy red blood cells, healing, and immunity.


Not just in vitamin C, spinach is also rich with numerous antioxidants and beta carotene, which increases the infection-fighting ability of our immune systems.


For centuries, turmeric has been used as an anti-inflammatory.


Yogurts act as a probiotic and help to stimulate our immune system to help fight diseases.

Along with these, lean red meat, nuts, berries, kiwi, and papaya are few more food items that keep the body and the immune system healthy, thus helping the body recover from fungal skin infection quickly and efficiently. While food forms an important part of any treatment, using creams like Ring-Out on the skin to treat fungal infection is important for proper cure.

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