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5 Fungal Skin Infection Rumours You Always Believe In
July 21, 2017
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We all probably have had red, flaking, oozing, & itchy skin, or nails with a dull, dark colour & crumbly edge and white spots at some point. These are all signs of a fungal infection in the skin and nails of the feet, a problem we get to see a lot during the monsoon.
Many myths persist about fungal skin infection, including:

  • You can catch a fungal infection in the foot from a hotel carpet.
    While not highly likely, yet you can catch a fungal infection (namely ringworm, Jock itch & Athlete’s foot) from any place where people walk barefoot by direct contact. It is therefore essential to keep the feet clean and dry, and wear shoes in public areas like gyms, changing areas, etc.
  • Fungal infection is not caused by sweaty feet.
    Fungus typically grows in moist, and warm spaces. The chances of any fungus growing on your feet are higher if your feet sweat profusely and you keep on wearing damp socks closed up in shoes. Changing socks more than once in a day, and giving every pair of shoe time to air out by rotating them can help prevent fungal infection on the feet.
  • Other medical conditions do not affect fungal infections of the skin.
    You are more susceptible to developing a fungal infection if you have a weaker immune system.
  • Fungal infections are only a problem in the rainy season.
    Every season has equal effects on the skin depending on the footwear, care, immunity, precautions, etc. Fungal infection gets worse if the skin is sweaty, and unclean over a long period of time.
  • Fungal infections of the skin and nails are hard to cure.
    Like any other infection, fungal infections can be cured with proper treatment and precautions to avoid their recurrence. Many over-the-counter ointment for ringworm such as RingOut cream are available in the market, that not only cure fungal infections like ringworm, but also help relieve itching.

Fungal infections are annoying, but rarely serious. They are easy to get and pass around, therefore it is important to stay away from myths and take preventive measures to keep it at bay.

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