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A Beginner’s Guide to Effectively Get Rid of Ringworm

March 29, 2018
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Ringworm is a skin fungal infection which occurs in the shape of a red, circular, ring-shaped rash. If you’re new to suffering from this skin condition, the first point you should make note of is that ringworm is neither a worm nor caused by a worm.

Flaky, itchy skin wherein the rash appears to spread outward in the form of patches are common symptoms of ringworm. The fungal infection can affect a person in various parts of the body such as chest, neck, shoulders, etc. and grows best in moist, warm, and dark weather environment.

You are at a risk of contracting ringworm if you come in contact with an infected human, animal, or soil which has fungus. It is a highly contagious fungal infection which can be caused due to walking barefoot in public toilets or staying in sweaty clothes for prolonged periods.

Athlete’s foot and Jock itch are types of ringworm which occur in the foot and groin areas respectively. Generally, applying the best antifungal creams which can be bought over-the-counter for two to four weeks can effectively help you get rid of ringworm. Coconut oil also has some antifungal and anti-bacterial properties and if applied in combination with the best antifungal creams, it can act as an effective remedy for itchy skin and ringworm.

Apart from antifungal creams, some antifungal soaps, lotions can also be an effective treatment for ringworm. If you’re suffering from ringworm in the foot area, best jock itch cream should be applied to successfully cure the infection as well as prevent it from recurring.

It should be noted that ringworm could also get infected leading to pus or oozing rash. In severe cases, consult your dermatologist who can prescribe you the best antifungal cream and medication for proper cure. Even if you get rid of ringworm soon, ensure to keep applying the cream and continue the full medication course for the duration as directed by the doctor.

Wearing slippers or sandals in public toilets, taking a shower immediately after a workout session or swimming, keeping yourself clean and dry at all times are the best ways to keep yourself free from ringworm and other fungal infections. Keep in mind – A hygienic you is a happy you!

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