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Don’t Fall for These 3 Myths about Skin Infections

September 4, 2017
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The best way to stay away from skin infections is to know about them and ways to prevent them. Sadly, more than often the ‘common knowledge’ that we have about skin infections is not true, and it only adds to our suffering, until we find the right solution.

Here are 3 such skin infection myths that we have fallen for, but should steer clear from:

  • Antibacterial soaps are enough to cure all types of skin infections

However tempting and easy this sounds, this is the biggest myth that we have been hearing all along. An antibacterial soap only leads to more antibiotic-resistant germs, especially bacteria.

Thorough cleaning with a soap that suits the skin, and proper drying with a clean towel is what helps keep the germs away and the skin free of humidity.

  • All skin infections look the same

We all have fallen for this one at one point or the other. Fungal infections are caused by a fungus and develop in damp areas of the body, such as feet or armpits. Bacterial skin infections are caused by bacteria that live on the skin and at times invade broken skin or wounds resulting in an infection. Viral skin infections on the other hand, are contagious.

Though these skin infections cause reddening of the affected area, swelling, itching, and have few other common symptoms, they are all different from one another.

  • Once affected, skin infections keep coming back

Though the chances are high, proper precautions such as:

  • Not sharing clothes, nail cutter, combs, etc.
  • Keeping the skin clean and dry
  • Not lounging around in wet clothes
  • Washing bed linen, towels, doormats, etc., on a regular basis
  • Wearing slippers or sandals in public places, etc., will keep skin infections at bay


While bacterial and viral skin infections are cured by topical and oral medication, fungal infections such as ringworm, Jock itch, Athlete’s feet can be cured by over-the-counter topical cream like Ring-Out. Highly effective and reliable, puts an end to your skin infections and itching.

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  1. Interesting article! Skin infections starts when bacteria, often a variety of staph or strep, get into the deeper layers of the skin. Antibacterial soap helps to fight with bacteria that causing skin infections. These are best cure for skin infections. Thanks for sharing.

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