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Jock Itch

How long does it take to Recover from Jock Itch after Starting Treatment?

June 28, 2018
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Jock itch is a skin fungal infection caused by a group of fungi known as “dermatophytes”. Wearing tight-fitting clothes and locking-in of moisture are two of the easiest ways to trigger the infection. The condition takes the shape of a ring-shaped red rash, and affects people in the groin, upper thighs and genital areas. It can be extremely itchy, but is still regarded as a low-risk infection. Since the infection is caused by a fungus, it can be easily treated with the help of any top quality antifungal ointment.

While any skin infection is unwanted, the only good part about jock itch is that it can be easily diagnosed. Burning sensation in the affected area, flaking or cracking of the skin, and persistent itching are some of the common symptoms of the infection. Also, the rash can get worse as a result of exercise or other physical activities.

Usually, jock itch is a mild infection and has several highly effective treatment options. A good quality antifungal cream for jock itch or skin fungal infection treatment cream offer a powerful treatment of this condition and also serve as a great remedy for itchy skin. Most creams or ointments for treating jock itch can be easily bought over the counter, and you should start recovering from the condition within a few days after starting treatment.

Besides applying the best antifungal creams in India, wearing loose cotton clothes, changing undergarments every day, washing the affected area with warm water and drying it thoroughly after that are some of the best ways to get rid of the infection.

Typically, jock itch should disappear in maximum two weeks after starting treatment if you regularly apply the antifungal creams at least twice a day. You should gradually see the condition of your infection improving during the course of the treatment. However, if your symptoms don’t improve after two weeks of applying the best antifungal creams for jock itch, it is time to see a doctor.

In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe stronger antifungal creams or medications to effectively treat the condition. However, it is important to follow the entire course of treatment as directed by the doctor even if your condition improves within a few days. Doing so will ensure permanent results of the treatment.

Whether it is ringworm, jock itch or athlete’s foot, maintaining a hygienic day-to-day lifestyle is extremely essential to keep any fungal infection of the skin at bay.

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