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Itchy Balls
Itchy Balls: Causes and Solutions
October 30, 2017
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While your nether regions are always under layers of clothes, it is still imperative for your health that you keep them clean and groomed. Because they spend most of the time in the dark, and moisture easily accumulates in this area, risk of developing a fungal skin infection (jock’s itch) grows manifold.

Here’s what you must know to keep your nether regions (groin and genital area) safe from developing any skin infection.

Develop a grooming regime

  • Washing: 

    Give everything a scrubdown while taking a shower daily, and after a workout, with a nourishing and mild soap or body wash. This will help prevent fungal skin infections to develop in the area.

  • Drying: 

    Unlike the rest of your skin, the skin in the nether region is sensitive and should be wiped with a soft, cotton towel. As fungi that causes skin infection needs a moist environment to thrive in, do not hesitate to wipe down the area each time you feel sweaty.

  • Man-scaping: 

    Lastly, keep hair in the nether region trimmed at all times. It is not necessary to remove all the hair, just trimming will minimize the amount of moisture that gets trapped in the hair. Make sure you keep the trimmers clean and disinfected to avoid infecting any hair follicle.

The right kind of clothing

You cannot go wrong with cotton when it comes to buying the right clothing for the nether region. You can also go for a good cotton-polyester blend for your underpants as it allows the area to stay dry. Make sure that none of your clothes are tight, and they all have a form-fitting comfort.

If you sweat a lot, simply carry an extra pair of underpants.

Is it a fungal skin infection?

In case you develop a fungal skin infection, such as jock’s itch, apply over-the-counter anti-fungal topical creams like Ring-Out to treat the ringworm. This cream along with the above-mentioned precautions will keep your nether region safe and healthy.

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