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How to use a Ringworm Cream for Effective Treatment of Ringworm?

December 10, 2018
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Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection of the skin which occurs in the form of a red, circular and itchy rash. It is caused by a group of fungi known as dermatophytes which thrive in warm and moist weather environment, and the condition can be easily contracted as a result of direct skin contact with an infected person, animal, object or soil.

While a top quality antifungal ringworm cream in India can be an effective treatment of ringworm as well as a remedy for itchy skin, it is still important to apply topical creams as instructed on the label to effectively get rid of the condition. Typically, a good antifungal cream for ringworm should contain Clotrimazol Topical, Beclometasone Topical, and Neomycin Topical as active ingredients. Antifungal creams with these ingredients restrict the growth of ringworm-causing fungus and provide relief in case of inflammatory skin infections containing antimicrobial activity.

Whenever you’re applying any over-the-counter antifungal cream for ringworm in India, it is essential to diligently follow the schedule as mentioned on the label, even if you see an improvement in your condition. In case you miss any doze, continue following the same routine.

Ideally, application of a high-quality ringworm cream in India should make ringworm cure possible in maximum two weeks after beginning treatment. However, it is important to apply the cream at least two times a day. If your infection is too severe and none of the OTC products are able to provide you relief from the condition, visit a dermatologist who can prescribe you a stronger topical cream for ringworm treatment.

Prevention of Ringworm

Being a contagious infection, you should always take some basic precautionary measures to prevent ringworm infection. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent the condition:

  • Take your pet to a veterinary doctor if you notice patches of missing hair
  • Have a proper bath after playing any sport involving skin-to-skin contact
  • Regularly change your underwear and socks
  • Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes instead of tight-fitting clothes
  • Wear your socks before your underwear, particularly if you’re suffering from athlete’s foot infection

A combination of applying a good quality cream for ringworm and maintaining a hygienic daily routine is necessary for effective ringworm cure. Remember, a hygienic day-to-day lifestyle is of utmost importance to keep fungal infections of the skin at bay. Don’t forget to visit a dermatologist if the infection persists even after applying topical creams.

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