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5 Body Odors You Should take Seriously
November 21, 2017
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We have all been plagued with body odors several times in our lives. If the odor comes from your armpits after a rigorous gym session or eating foods that give out a bad smell, it’s harmless and you have nothing to be worried about. However, there are certain distinct body odors which speak volumes about our health and warrant an immediate visit to the doctor.

Let us now look at some of the body odors you should always take seriously:

Stinky Feet

Stinky feet are a sign of athlete’s foot fungal infection. In addition to the smell, if you notice dry, scaly skin in the area around your toes along with blisters and redness, you’re most likely suffering from athlete’s foot infection. You can apply a top quality skin infection treatment cream or some of the best antifungal creams in India to get rid of the condition.

Fruity Breath

Fruity breath is usually an indicator of Type 1 diabetes. In case of diabetes, our body begins to break down the fatty acids as it doesn’t get sufficient energy for proper functioning. This results in the build-up of ketones in the blood, and one of the main acids called “acetone” is responsible for giving a fruity smell to the breath. While you’re less likely to notice the smell yourself, it is important to visit a doctor if someone else says that you have a fruity breath.

Smelly Poop

Smelly poop can be a symptom of lactose intolerance. This condition occurs when the small intestine doesn’t produce sufficient quantities of an enzyme called “lactase”. As a result, the small intestine directly sends lactose to the colon instead of the blood stream resulting in smelly gas, bloating, and a foul-smelling poop.

Strong Smelling Urine

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the popular causes of strong smelling urine. This can produce a pungent, chemically-smelling urine, and occurs when the bacteria enters the urinary tract and urethra in women. The bacteria then multiplies in the bladder causing an infection which is responsible for the smelly urine.

Bad Breath

If you continuously experience bad breath in the morning even after brushing your teeth regularly, it could be a sign of sleep apnea. This disorder causes your breathing to start and stop sporadically while sleeping and you’re forced to breathe through your mouth. As a result, bacteria is allowed to breed readily producing a sulfurous gas that gives out a bad smell.

If you’re experiencing any of the odors mentioned above, visit a doctor without any delay. For bad odors that are related to fungal infections, use the best antifungal cream or a top quality antifungal ointment for effective treatment.

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