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Fungal Infection

Body Parts Fungal Skin Infection Can Affect

November 15, 2017
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Would you ignore the pimple on your face and leave it to heal on its own? If the answer is no, then how come you tend to ignore those red marks that show up on or inside your buttocks?

Although it is difficult to whip your head around and access the situation, ignoring it can only worsen the situation – as it can be a fungal skin infection!

What causes fungal skin infection in the buttocks?

The fungi that causes a fungal infection of the skin spreads easily with sharing of clothes, towels, sports gears, etc., with the infected person or through the toilet seat. If you already are suffering from either ringworm, athlete’s foot, or jock itch, chances are that it can reach your groin area and buttocks in the process of wearing trousers, underwear and other clothing.

Pets, common public bath areas, swimming pools, are few other ways through which you can get a fungal infection on your bottom.

Symptoms of fungal skin infection in the buttocks

Rashes that look like a bright red ring, with a scaly edge, and bumps and blisters are the most common symptoms of a fungal infection of the skin.

Treatment of fungal skin infection in the buttocks

Once the diagnosis is complete, the treatment of fungal infection is pretty straightforward. Over the counter creams like Ring-Out containing miconazole are highly effective on the fungal skin infection. Ring-Out also relieves itching and prevents further spreading.

Along with few precautions and hygiene, using this cream will bring you faster and better results.

If it’s any assurance, believe us that you are not the only one suffering from an infection in the butt area. While ignoring it can be the best choice due to embarrassment, remember that the situation will only degrade if you do not get proper treatment on time. Therefore, use Ring-Out today itself!

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