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Know How Ringworm Spreads and How to Deal with it?

February 19, 2018
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Moisture and humidity are ideal conditions for the development of fungi. Ringworm as the name suggests is a ring-shaped rash which is caused by fungi, known as dermatophytes and can live in several areas of the body like nails, skin and hair. Some of the factors which influence the spread of ringworm include:

  • Human Contact

Having skin contact with an infected person can result in the spread of ringworm. That’s a major reason why the infection spreads rapidly within a family.

  • Animal Contact

Many animals such as cows, dogs, etc. can get infected by ringworm. Coming in skin contact with them can also transfer the fungal infection to you.

  • Object Contact

Ringworm can spread upon physical contact with the personal belongings of an infected person such as bedding, clothes and towels.

  • Soil Contact

Although it happens only in rare cases but ringworm is also believed to be transmitted if your skin comes in direct contact with infected soil.

How to Deal With Ringworm

Practicing personal hygiene is imperative to prevent the fungal infection from spreading. Natural home remedies such as the use of tea tree oil, apple vinegar, mustard seeds, etc. can also be effective in treating ringworm.

Wiping yourself dry after having a shower, avoiding the use of other people’s towel, comb or razors are basic but extremely important aspects of maintaining personal hygiene.

The best over the counter anti-fungal and jock itch creams like Ring Out along with few anti-fungal ointments can efficiently help you get rid of ringworm and also prevent it from recurring. If the infection reaches your scalp, you would require a strong oral medication course of around six weeks to cure ringworm. Certain anti-fungal shampoos are also available in the market which can stop the infection from spreading.

Remember your skin is the key to your happiness. Taking good care of it is the best gift you can give yourself. Stay healthy, Stay Glowing!

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