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Yeast Infection

Misconceptions About Yeast Infection

January 22, 2018
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As is the case with any other ailment, even yeast infections are surrounded by numerous myths. Today, we will not only take a quick look at some of the prominent misconceptions pertaining to yeast infections but will also unearth the real facts related to the same. So, let’s get started.

  • Myth: Only adults are affected by yeast infections.

Fact: Yeast is practically found on the bodies of all human beings, and hence, the chances of ending up with yeast infections are the same for both, children as well as adults. More often than not, yeast infections occur as a result of increased warmth and moisture around a certain body part. Diaper rash is a good example of yeast infections in toddlers.

  • Myth: Only women contract yeast infections

Fact: Most over-the-counter products that can help treat yeast infections are sold under the title of feminine hygiene, which has given way to this myth. As mentioned above, all people are equally likely to contract this infection, irrespective of the gender. That being said, in practice, yeast infection is diagnosed more commonly in women than in their male counterparts.

  • Myth: Yeast infections can be cured by washing

Fact: Yeast infections are not necessarily caused by poor hygiene, but may also occur due to an imbalance of bacteria. Hence, simply using soap and water might not be enough to treat the infection. However, it is suggested to wipe the washed body parts completely and to wear cotton underwear.

  • Myth: Yeast infections cannot be cured

Fact: Fortunately, most yeast infections can be easily cured by the topical application of a quality anti fungal skin cream. Such a cream is often available as an over the counter ointment and can be conveniently purchased and used without a prescription.

We hope that you now know much more about yeast infections than before, and will be able to ward them off effectively!

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