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Skin Infection Myths

Busting 4 Myths about Skin Infections

September 4, 2017
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Physical indications like redness and bruises may signal towards skin infections. These infections not only cause pain and irritation, but also hamper the physical appearance of people leading to mental stress and embarrassments. Though majority of skin infections are treatable with the help of a top quality skin infection cream, it is important to acquire right knowledge about preventions and precautions to avoid unsightly appearance.

Unfortunately, large amounts of improper and false information have led to development of many myths and misconceptions regarding skin infections. These incorrect measures may misguide people and even increase the severity of complications.

Here are 4 myths related to skin infections that need to be steered clear:

Skin infections can be cured completely using Antibacterial soaps

Many people believe that antibacterial soaps are capable of completely curing skin infections, but in contrast, they nourish antibiotic-resistant germs, especially bacteria. Experts believe that many antibacterial soaps contain harmful chemicals, making them potential irritants that worsen the cases of infections like Eczema.

However, cleaning skin with skin-friendly soaps followed by proper drying with towel aids in removal of oil. It also restricts bacterial setups and germs by making skin free from humidity.

All Skin infections are similar

There are multiple types of skin infections prevalent in people, including fungal infections and bacterial infections. Some may cause mild problems with rashes and irritation while many can result in dead skin. Fungal infections are caused by development of fungus in damp areas like armpits and feet, whereas bacterial infections are caused when bacteria lives on the skin. They invade in broken skin parts and wounds leading to infections.

If noticed closely, one can differentiate skin infections on the basis of their respective appearance. While acne results in black heads, pimples or pus-filled bumps, eczema on the other side causes redness, flakiness, and peeling of skin.

Women are more prone to skin infections than men

Men and women both are almost equally prone to skin infections. Since men wrinkle similarly like women, they are likely to develop skin conditions like acne, seborrhea and atopic dermatitis. In fact, with facial hair, men can face additional concerns with regard to skin infections.

Skin Infections always comes back

One of the biggest concerns in people is that once infected, skin infections will keep coming back. Though this may be partially true, proper precautionary measures can prevent skin infections from coming back. Some precautions are:

  • Preventing excess accumulation of oil on skin
  • Keeping clothes, nail cutters and combs exclusive
  • Avoid wearing dirty and wet clothes
  • Wearing footwear in public places

Skin infections can be contagious. They are treatable at home with a good quality skin infection cream or itching powder or with medical consultancy, depending upon the severity and infected area.

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  1. Interesting article! Skin infections starts when bacteria, often a variety of staph or strep, get into the deeper layers of the skin. Antibacterial soap helps to fight with bacteria that causing skin infections. These are best cure for skin infections. Thanks for sharing.

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