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Types of Athletes Foot

Athlete’s Foot – Types and Diagnosis

May 22, 2018
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Athlete’s Foot is a contagious skin fungal infection that affects the foot area. It is caused by the same fungus which causes ringworm, and can be easily contracted by walking barefoot in germ-filled areas like public swimming pools or gym locker rooms. Sharing personal belongings like towels, bed sheets, etc. of an infected person can also lead to athlete’s foot infection.

The symptoms and diagnosis of athlete’s foot depends on the specific type of infection a person suffers. Various types of athlete’s foot infections include:

Top Web Infection

It is a type of athlete’s foot infection that affects a person in areas between the fingers or toes.  Bacteria can often make the condition worse. Redness, peeling or scaly skin with a smelly rash or rashes that give off discharge are common symptoms of top web infection.

Moccasin Infection

When the athlete’s foot occurs in the sole of the foot, it is known as moccasin infection. The rash can spread along the heel as well as the side of the foot. In the beginning, the feet might be dry, little itchy or sore. After some time, the skin can crack, thicken and peel. This infection can also affect the toenails causing them to become thicker and crumbly.

Vesicular Infection

Another type of athlete’s foot, vesicular infection can happen anywhere in the foot area and it particularly affects people during summers. Small, red blisters between the soles and toes with an itchy, painful rash are common symptoms of this fungal infection. Bursting of the blisters can also lead to a bacterial infection that may require antibiotic medication.

Although some of the best anti-fungal creams for ringworm or any top quality skin infection cream can be highly effective in eliminating athlete’s foot, it is extremely important to visit a dermatologist if your condition doesn’t improve soon. While any such fungal infection cream can also serve as a remedy for itchy skin, only a consultation with the doctor can best diagnose the type of athlete’s foot infection you’re suffering.

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