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3 Ways You Can Get Fungal Skin Infections While Working Out

September 26, 2017
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We all know by now that exercises are good for our body. But, many things can go wrong during a workout, resulting in a breakout, rash, or even worse – a fungal skin infection.

To save you from them, here are the most common ways one gets a fungal skin infection such as ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot, and ways to prevent them.

Dirty Gym Equipment

If you are one of those who have gym equipment at home, there are certainly less chances of you developing a fungal infection. But if you share the machines with many other people in a gym, every day, germs can spread easily leading to nasty problems.

Solution: Whenever possible, wipe down the gym equipment before using them. Secondly, never touch your exposed body parts until you have washed your hands. Touching the machine and then an exposed body part can transfer the fungi too.

Hot Environments

Heat and humidity can block the sweat ducts, as well as give the fungi the right atmosphere to thrive.

Solution: Change out of gym clothes the minute you can and take a shower to wash away the sweat. During a workout, wear breathable fabrics and re-hydrate constantly with lots of water. Allow shoes to dry out completely before the next workout session.

Taking a Shower in the Gym, Barefoot

The fungi that leads to a fungal skin infection can be found on the floor of public shower stalls, where you are at a high risk of contracting them.

Solution: The best way out is to wear shower shoes in the shower stall, as well as the locker room. Disinfect your shoes using the proper solution to clear up any fungi growing in them.

If you experience a fungal skin infection in any body part, start using effective and trusted creams like Ring-Out. Keeping your skin dry, gym clothing and equipment clean, and using Ring-Out will bring faster results and relief from the infection.

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